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A Special Zucchini Salad

zucchini salad 002
No cookbooks, internet or Food Network gives you the same thrill as a recipe that has been passed down to you from  your grandparent, mom, dad, sister, aunt, cousin or best friend. It is the most precious gift a foodie or a gourmet can receive;  then the exciting part is sharing with another generation.
A few years ago I decided to pass down my recipes as well as a some from family and close friends.  I compiled a recipe book that I shared with a few to celebrate my 60th birthday; wow…that was 10 years ago.  It is “Cuisine de Chez Nous”.  I think I was trying to transfer my passion for food and cooking to the people I love.
I am sure many of you have these special treasures; if you are following me you must love anything to do with food;  and you surely understand what I am talking about. I  have to admit, I often adjust recipes to fit my mood. Nothing is written in granite when it comes to cooking.
                                                                                                     Cuisine de Chez Nous
Today I am featuring a recipe that comes from Sylvana’s aunt Bruna; a lovely lady who lives near Turin, Italy in the Piedmonte region. It was written the way it was told; I hope I didn’t ruin it by making a bit more like a standard recipe. Those who have my Cuisine de Chez Nous will find it on page 106 called  Extraordinary Zucchini by Sylvana and Emily.  Sylvana has now trimmed the fat to make it healthier and better for our hearts. Thank you so much for photographing the steps so I could share this with my friends.
I just finish preparing this gem again; I give it a 5*****; warm or cold; served as a salad or added to a sandwich; sprinkle on a bit of freshly grated Parmesan for an extra boost of flavour.
Summertime and we all love picnics. This is my second recipe for a fabulous picnic.

I am joining Louise at Months of Edible Celebration This was my Part 1
I am going to a picnic and Bringing
Z for Zucchini Salad
My special Mother's Day! (42)

Zucchini Salad
4-6  Zucchinis
3-4 onions
1 Tablespoon  Safflower oil
Salt an pepper
2 cloves garlic sliced
Fresh Basil or Sage
Balsamic Vinegar
My special Mother's Day! (21)
Wash 4-6 zucchini and peel 3-4 onions
Slice zucchini horizontally, in strips about .5cm thick & slice the onions in 1cm strips.
My special Mother's Day! (22)
Toss zucchini and onions in a bowl with safflower oil,
a bit of pepper and a sprinkling of salt until covered with oil.
My special Mother's Day! (26)
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Pull out one or two cookie sheets (depending on the quantity of your veggies)
and keep in mind that initially, there seems a lot, but they do shrink when cooked!
My special Mother's Day! (34)
Line them with foil for easy clean-up and then coat them lightly with oil spray or just brushed on safflower oil.
Pour veggies onto cookie sheet and spread out.
Bake for 15 min, stir/turn veggies
Bake another 15 min.
My special Mother's Day! (40)
If the veggies appear cooked but are still a bit pale, broil for 1-2 minutes keeping eye an on them until golden
As the veggies cool a bit, take 3 cloves of garlic. Clean and slice them. (It is useful to slice them in large enough slices so they add flavour but can be removed if someone does not want to eat the raw garlic!)
My special Mother's Day! (41)
Pick some fresh herbs: basil and/or sage work well.
Place cooked vegetables in a glass bowl with lid following this pattern: layer of veggies- herbs & garlic slice - splash of balsamic vinegar- dash of salt
Continue that layering system until all of the veggies are in the bowl.
Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or overnight in order to enjoy the full flavour!
Gently stir before serving.
zucchini salad 002
Delicious as a cold side salad or in sandwiches!
This recipe will keep for a week in the fridge however.... it has never lasted that long in my house!
Sylvana's Zucchini Salad

Sage's Tips
Sage’s Tips.
Carrot peeler works for slicing, but I did use my mandoline and no bad incidents this time.
I sliced my garlic and roasted it with the zucchini and onions.

Thank you for reading me today; I hope it brought back good memories of recipes that were passed down to you. I assure they are usually the best. Have  a lovely picnic.
Happy Cooking,


  1. Look delicious Rita, I love zucchinis, really love! is an delicious and lovely recipe! xxgloria

  2. J'aime beaucoup ta recette simple et fraîche de courgettes!

    Bon lundi à toi:)

  3. I thought this was going to be a raw zucchini salad but find it is roasted and it sounds delicious. I am tasked with making a few salads for a bridal shower luncheon next month and I'm thinking this will be something different to offer. Thanks so much!


  4. I too love those handed down recipes. This salad is a perfect example. I would like it on a sandwich! I guess I'll just have to go on the picnic.

  5. Rita, this is almost exactly like my mother's recipe! I also thought it was going to be eaten as is but I love any vegetable roasted. Brings out all the flavor. I'd love to go to this picnic. xo,

  6. Looks delicious, Rita! I love recipes that have been passed down. I made a book for my kids, with their favorites so they'll always have them. Your book sounds lovely!

  7. Oh, so true! Family recipes are the most cherished of all. This sounds so delicious :D


  8. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

    I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
    1. Why did you create a blog?
    2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
    3. How long will it keep going?

  9. Lovely salad. Thank you for sharing.

  10. this is my kind of recipe- healthy and easy

  11. I love zucchini and have lots of it right now. Roasting seems to bring out the sweetness in it- I'll have to try this lovely salad. :)

  12. Great for picnic month! Thank you so much for sharing this special recipe :) Looks delicious :)

  13. Family recipes are always the best! Your salad looks great.

  14. wow..another first class recipe...sounds fab..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  15. I bet it's fabulous:)

    You look very young:)

  16. Belle salade. Habituellement je mange les zucchinis en trempette. Quelle bonne idée.

  17. This salad must taste wonderful! Zucchini is always plentiful during the summer and we enjoy it every week.

    It really is great to pass recipes down to the next generation. :)

  18. lovely salad :-) got to love zucchini this time of year

  19. It must be special to have recipes from your family! This looks delicious. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  20. Sounds like this salad will be a welcome addition to any picnic =)

  21. I love family recipes!! This looks beautiful.

  22. Hey Rita,I'm your newest happy follower, come follow back if you can,and thanks for visiting LazyonLoblolly and for the sweet wishes of a Happy 4th of July, as we celebrate America!..I have been very blessed to visit Canada:Niagra Falls;Toronto(CN tower);and drive thru and entered back into US at the Thousand Islands. I loved every minute, wish I was up there now on the St Lawrence River.

  23. Hey Rita, I would love to purchase your cookbook!
    Do you still have copies and or is it for sell?

  24. Bella! I love handed down recipes. My mother's recipe box is a most treasured item for me. Fantatsic looking dish herea nd the memories make it all the sweeter to enjoy.

  25. Rita, this is a lovely salad and it is perfect for alfresco dining, be it a picnic or barbecue. I'll be trying this soon. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  26. Dear Rita, Thank you for your visits to my blog and for taking the time to comment. I apologize for being behind in visiting. My mom made zucchini in a similar way. I do agree that there is a warmth and good memories in passing on a recipe that you enjoyed with the people you love. It brings them to life a little and helps to pass on their memory. I also agree that no recipe is written in granite! Each recipe should reflect a little bit of your personality. Take care and many blessings, Catherine xo

  27. Hi Rita, I love recipes like this. I can just taste that salad, it reminds me of summer and my mom, she could never fix zucchini often enough. Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend.

  28. Oh my goodness. That is an amazing salad. You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful posts.

  29. Oh deliciousness, Rita!!! A very special salad indeed, cherished is always the best:)

    I'll be close by to get some, so be sure and save me a taste:)

    Thanks Rita!!!

  30. Rita,
    What a lovely salad and I just adore zucchini! I can't wait to make it. You are so right about a recipe that is near and dear to your heart or one that has been passed down within your family - very special:) Thank you for sharing this one with us!

  31. Oh my goodness, all these recipes look so delicious. When they come from family you know they'll be so good.
    Have a fabulous July fourth holiday.

    The French Hutch

  32. You are so right, Rita. Those family recipes are the best. I love your choice a zucchini salad for our virtual picnic. It looks and sounds delicious!
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. I love roasted zucchini and this salad sounds wonderful and so simple to make. There are so many wonderful salads at the picnic this year.

  34. I love zucchini salad but never used basil in it, I will have to try! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe,


  35. Rita, I'm just dropping by to wish you a very Happy Canada Day!!! I hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather. And I agree with you, family recipes really are the best. I have some of my grandmother's recipes (that I'm still trying to decipher, lol) that mean the world to me and I actually have one of her cookbooks from the 1930's. Enjoy the rest of your day and weekend!

  36. Hi Rita! Lovely salad and blog! Most of my recipes were handed down from my mother, grandmother, and aunts, and they are the best! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for following! It's so nice to meet you!

  37. I almost missed this...the email is always a bit behind I think.
    I love this and have had a few dishes similar but never with sage as well...I like that :)
    And glad your mandoline is being friendlier :)
    Again wishing you a great weekend

  38. What an incredible recipe!! We love zucchini around our house and I can't wait to try this recipe out. Looks so delicious!!

  39. Good morning Rita, you post did bring back warm memories of my nana. I have some of her recipes that I cherish. You also gave me an idea to make mini cookbooks for my nieces for Christmas. Last Christmas I made her orange cake and I felt like she was in the kitchen with me!

    I really enjoy zucchini and your recipe looks delicious, and I will also give it a try!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Thank you for stopping by Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes! Have a wonderful weekend!

  40. I just came across your wonderful blog. I am looking forward to your future postings...Greetings from Indiana...Heidi

  41. Wow .. yummy and healthy salad. Lovely blog and following you :)

    Event: Fast food not Fat food

  42. I have so many zucchini right now...this is perfect.

  43. I love the idea of creating a recipe book for your family. I've managed to get some from family members, scribbled on post-it notes or scraps of paper. I truly treasure them!
    And as for this salad, it looks terrific! Perfect for summer.

  44. OOOhhh, I have (lots of!) all of these ingredients. I might even try the veggies on the grill!


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